2014 East Georgia Red Cross Annual Meeting

Around 100 staff members, board members and volunteers attended the Red Cross East Georgia Chapter Annual Meeting on June 17, 2014. The meeting, held at The Holiday Inn Hotel in Athens, Georgia, honored the hard work of the chapter’s board members and over 500 hard-working volunteers.

Christy Terrell passed on the board chair position to Chair-Elect Beau Seagraves, and the 2015 fiscal year board of directors was presented and confirmed. The members are Frank Bacheldor, Jeff Bodiford, Tina Cheek, Precious Cooper, Turner Douglas, Alex Freedman, Stephanie Gamble, Diane Gill, Jonathon Gurley, Steve Harris, Chuck Hartman, Will Hodges, Adam Land, Bill McDonald, Helene Schwartz, Mike Stonecipher, and Christy Terrell.

The East Georgia Red Cross recognized the following volunteers for their outstanding service: Kathy Coker, The East Georgia Volunteer Leadership Award; Maryjane Phillips, The East Georgia Leadership/Mission Fulfillment Award; Everett “Will” McCracken, The East Georgia Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service; Jan Christian, The Biomedical Volunteer of the Year Award; and Jerry Mahaffey, The LIVE the Mission Award. In addition to recognizing various volunteers for their exceptional work with the American Red Cross, board chair Christy Terrell honored the life and service of John Reed, who passed away in May. Mr. Reed was a dedicated supporter of the American Red Cross in addition to the community at large. He is sorely missed.

Attendees enjoyed dinner and fellowship with volunteers from all fourteen counties of the East Georgia chapter. To see photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page here.


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