100 Days of Summer Campaign

As temperatures rise well into the 90s, it is safe to say that summer has officially arrived. With summer comes the excitement of family vacations, afternoons by the pool, camps, and many other outdoor activities and getaways. However, through these fun-filled months the American Red Cross continues to work to provide relief to those in need. In the past, the summer has been characterized by a decline in blood donations and fundraising as many tend to deviate from their traditional routines to enjoy the weather and spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, patients need blood every two seconds and families are affected by disasters, particularly house fires, every eight minutes.

Because of the ever-present need for donated blood and financial gifts, the American Red Cross started the 100 Days of Summer Campaign on Sunday, May 25, that will continue until Monday, September 1. This campaign was established to remind our donors to stay involved during the summer months. Each day, the Red Cross will cover a different event or story of a person affected by a donation. There are three main ways that you can actively participate in this campaign:

1. Donate blood

2. Host a blood drive

3. Make a financial donation

Through your donations, you can help to save lives and provide relief to those who need it most — what a great way to spend your summer! To locate the blood drive closest to you or to learn more about how to host a blood drive, please visit redcrossblood.org/100days.




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