Intern Spotlight: Sammy Slappey

SammyThe work that we do at The American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter would not be possible without the help of our valuable interns. This week, we reached out to one of our past interns, Samantha Slappey, who worked with our chapter for almost two years. She interned in our human resources department from January to May 2012 and in our public relations department from August 2012 to December 2013. Originally from Roswell, Ga., Samantha is a senior public relations major at The University of Georgia. As one of our longest serving interns, we appreciate all of the time and energy Samantha has put into helping The American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter accomplish its mission.

What were your main reasons for wanting to intern at the Red Cross?

“The Red Cross was always an organization I admired and I was really interested in getting involved with a cause in college. When the opportunity to get involved presented itself, I jumped on it.”

What are some of the most important skills you gained as a result of your internship?

“I really honed my social media skills while working for the Red Cross. I got to know what kind of content drives the most interaction. I also learned a lot about the logistics of event planning and fundraising. It really gave me an appreciation for how much work goes into an event.”

What was the most rewarding/memorable experience from your internship?

“Working with Jeff Taylor was definitely the most rewarding experience. He was extremely passionate about the Red Cross and he poured that passion into his interns. He really pushed me to succeed while I was there. Additionally, planning Run 4 Red was an amazing experience.  We worked very hard on this event and ended up raising a ton of money for the Red Cross. It was great to see the hard work pay off for such a great cause.”

How do you think your internship with the East Georgia Red Cross has impacted your future?

“I definitely think people are impressed when they see the Red Cross on my resume. It’s the second most recognized brand in the world, so it means a lot. I think that this internship really laid out a platform for me to continue to learn and grow as a PR professional.”

What would your advice be for college students who are thinking about applying for an internship with the Red Cross?

“My advice is to take initiative. When I started my internship the Red Cross, I took it upon myself to streamline our social media presence in order to make our communication efforts more effective. No one told me to do this, it was just an issue that I noticed and wanted to improve. I really think this organization affords a lot of opportunities for students to flex their creative muscle and make positive changes in the organization.”


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