Intern Spotlight: Sydney Boone


1. What originally inspired you to intern at the Red Cross?

My aunt, Linda Boone-Smith, holds the position of Executive Director at the American Red Cross Pee-Dee Chapter in South Carolina and informed me about this great internship opportunity that many Red Cross chapters offer. As an advertising major, we often learn about promoting a product or service, but the skills acquired from working with the American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter is teaching me how to communicate efficiently to interested publics and how to promote the goodwill of an organization.

2. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had interning for the Red Cross?

I am 2 months new to this organization, however my experience with the Red Cross is growing everyday. I enjoy coming into the East Georgia chapter each week working with the staff, interns, and volunteers. It is remarkable how we work as a body. Those in this office demonstrate the true meaning of volunteerism and the American Red Cross Culture and Values. “Sleeves up. Hearts Open. All in.”

3. What do you believe is your greatest strength related to your position? 

Over the past two years at the University of Georgia, I have held many leadership and committee roles, which have provided me with the skill set necessary to pursue a successful internship. I also have experience with wedding and event planning, which I believe can be beneficial to my role as an intern at the American Red Cross for events like Run 4 Red. Furthermore, I have spent the last two summers abroad. These unique and comprehensive experiences have provided me with a first hand understanding our global significance.

I am willing to go great lengths to foster relationships, and enjoy the art of a simple conversation, which I believe is an important attribute in a successful workplace.

4. What is your favorite thing to do in Athens?

When it isn’t Saturday in Athens and I am not cheering on the DAWGS at Sanford Stadium, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and being outdoors. There is nothing better than a sunny day on North Campus surrounded by UGA’s beauty. My true passion is traveling. I try to make every day an adventure whether it is exploring a new street, state, or country!

5. What impact do you believe the East Georgia Red Cross has had on Clarke County?

We are a disaster services chapter that serves 14 counties. We respond to various needs of individuals every day. I think we make a huge impact in the community by responding to events like home fires as well as educating the people of Athens and the surrounding counties on prevention.

6. What would your advice be for anyone in Clarke County who is considering getting involved with the Red Cross? 

What is most important is that the American Red Cross reaches out to people in time of need. If I live and die and say that my job in life was to help others, I would say that I lived a life that was fulfilled.  It is an honor to work with an organization that educates people on prevention, prepares them for hardship, and guides them through those times of devastation. The American Red Cross is more than just a job or internship; it is a lifestyle.


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