Volunteers are Love in Motion!

by: Sydney Boone

The East Georgia Chapter celebrates March, American Red Cross Awareness Month, by highlighting the efforts of Victoria Young, an Elbert County volunteer who has spent her life dedicated to service. Her beginnings with the Red Cross as a candy striper 40+ years ago stemmed from the generations of women who came before her. Her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all active Red Cross volunteers in their communities.

“Their commitment and dedication to serve others for the greater good inspired me to the same purpose,” Victoria said.

Victoria’s desire to help others moved from local to international services. She spent time in Darmstadt and Wildflecken, both located in Germany, as an American Red Cross volunteer while her husband was enlisted in the service there. She assisted in the military communities as a part of a crises hotline network and a station chairman from 1985 to 1993. It was by far her most memorable experience with our organization.

Today, in her spare time, Victoria enjoys giving back to the Elbert community in various ways. She is a certified paralegal and aerobics instructor. She volunteers extensively in schools, teaching enrichment and reading programs, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Victoria also enjoys the arts, and her play, Love, etc. was recently produced at her local theatre. She spoke of how the East Georgia Red Cross plays an extremely vital role in Elbert County as this Red Cross chapter has responded and will continue to respond to the needs of each individual who reside there.

Victoria Young inspires us to live a life that is committed to service. She embodies every quality a true volunteer should be.

She also added, “Anyone who truly desires to commit to volunteering in their community will find the Red Cross to be an avenue of service that is rich in experience, skill building, and intrinsic reward, and they just may make many interesting stories to tell!”Image

Photo: Wildflecken, Germany in Rhön hills


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