The UGA Red Cross Club’s Public Health and Disaster Committee


The University of Georgia Red Cross Club has been a huge asset to the East Georgia Chapter for many years. We are proud to partner with this student organization and advance our collective efforts to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

The Red Cross Club has several dedicated committees, including the public health and disaster committee, led by Manik Choudhary, which primarily focuses on community outreach programs, as well as volunteering at first aid stations at UGA football games and promoting CPR on campus. Two of the committee’s current programs are WHALE Tales and Scrubby Bear, classes taught by committee members that promote health and safety to elementary school students.

In addition to these successful programs, the public health and disaster committee has recently collaborated with UGA’s Interfraternity Council to create a health and safety initiative for fraternities on campus. This initiative will require a member of each fraternity to be Red Cross certified in CPR and first aid in order to live in the fraternity house. There are numerous advantages to having CPR and first aid certified individuals living in each fraternity house, and these potentially lifesaving skills will help to enhance on-campus safety.  The public health and disaster committee is very excited about this collaboration, and it hopes to eventually expand this initiative to other college campuses across the country.


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