MLK Day of Service and Preparedness

MLK Day of Service Blog Pic

Kicking of the week of January 20 is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, a day recognized as a national call to service initiative. American Red Cross volunteers will be spending the day informing their communities of fire prevention tips, smoke alarm maintenance and evacuation procedures. We’re partnering with HOPE worldwide, an international organization who provides help to those in need through their community efforts.

The service day continues to be recognized in the spirit of Dr. King, whose message and accomplishments continues to encourage people to alleviate suffering, regardless of the situation. You can join in the events of this life-changing day by contacting our East Georgia Chapter office.

One of the main goals of the Red Cross is to provide children and young adults with the knowledge to prepare themselves for disaster. The Day of Service will lead into a week our organization has designated as Youth Preparedness Week. January 20-24 is a time where we’ll provide youth with preparedness training and encouragement as they learn about volunteering in the community. This week offers everyone a great opportunity to help children and teenagers prepare for emergency situations, especially those who have little experience with disaster.

Children will often respond to disaster in different ways than other age groups. A lot of their fears may be amplified due to imagination, and that’s when they’ll look to an adult for help. We have a greater influence on youth than we’ll ever know, so take some time this upcoming week to encourage children and teenagers you know to learn more about the importance of preparedness.

To learn more about how you can join in the events of Preparedness Week, you can sign up for a preparedness class at

We hope you’ll join us in the service projects happening next week! We thank you for your support!


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