The American Red Cross Responds to the Plight of the Philippines


As Typhoon Haiyan hit landfall in the Philippines last Friday, The American Red Cross has been working alongside the Philippine Red Cross to bring relief to the thousands affected by the natural disaster. With many blocked roads and downed communication lines, the road to recovery has been slow and challenging.

The Philippine Red Cross is leading the relief efforts, working to bring relief to over 500,000 displaced residents. The organization started working before the typhoon even hit, evacuating over 125,000 families to shelters in safer areas.

The Global Red Cross Network is currently providing food, water, and relief supplies, as well as sending specialized emergency response teams from around the world to assist the local chapter. These teams specialize in the areas of logistics, disaster assessment, shelter, health, water, and sanitation.

The American Red Cross has sent a team of four specialists to aid the Philippine Red Cross in their relief strategy. Of these, two specialize in telecommunication and the other two are experts in disaster assessment. These workers are travelling the country, giving direction and aid as needed. The American Red Cross is also working reconnect the hundreds of families that have been separated by the typhoon. With power lines destroyed, many have been unable to contact family and friends since the disaster.

With a pledge to contribute over $6 million in support, the American Red Cross has dedicated itself to aiding in the typhoon relief efforts. The American Red Cross, Philippine Red Cross, and Global Red Cross Network need your support during this time of need. To donate to the American Red Cross in support of the typhoon, please go to or call 1-800-REDCROSS.


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