Super Storm Sandy: One Year Later

By: Michelle Fulleda


October 29 marks the one-year anniversary of the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and the second-costliest storm in U.S history. The storm was responsible for $65 billion in damage and approximately 147 deaths.

The response from the American Red Cross for Sandy was the largest U.S. response in five years. More than 17,000 trained workers from all of the country powered the vast emergency relief effort. 90% of these workers were volunteers.

“The response was a testament to our volunteers, staff, donors, and supporters, because without them the response would not have been nearly as effective.” -American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania CEO Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes.

Thousands of residents are still waiting for payouts from their insurance companies or some sort of financial aid from the federal government, in order to rebuild their homes and lives. Today, the Red Cross workers are still meeting with those in need, providing financial assistance as well as linking them to available social service programs.

The Red Cross has given $60 million in grants to a many nonprofits working with home repaid, mold remediation, food, financial assistance and counseling in New York and New Jersey.

The work done by the American Red Cross is not possible without the generosity and compassion of the American public. The Red Cross is honored to deliver help and hope on your behalf.


Check out our one-year update report here:


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