National Preparedness Month: Preparing Your Community


By: Amanda Northcutt

While you may have taken the necessary steps in preparing your family for disaster, there are many in your community that haven’t. Emergency responders work incredibly hard to keep our neighborhoods safe, but they need our help in terms of preparedness. It is our personal responsibility to keep ourselves, as well as those around us, prepared for disasters.

An easy way to help is to become involved with local organizations that work to keep communities safe and prepared. Citizen Corps is an organization that develops community emergency plans, conducts localized outreach and education to the public, offers training and participation in exercises, encourages volunteerism, and in the event of a disaster, forms an integral part of the response. The group is comprised of community leaders that are dedicated to keeping their communities as safe and prepared as possible. 

Hosting a “House Meeting” with individuals from your community will allow people to voice their concerns and collaborate on the best way to stay prepared. At house meetings, you can identify potential leaders in your community, set preparedness goals as a team, and keep each other accountable.

By encouraging your friends and family to stay proactive, you can ensure that your community will be better prepared for natural disasters.


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