Fun Preparedness Games for the Kids

by: Michelle Fulleda

What do you and superman have in common? You both are your children’s heros. They are always going to look up to you, especially during any natural disaster. Children are aware of their parents reactions and emotions. The way to keep your family and yourself calm is being prepared. Any situation where you and your family are in danger is nerve wrecking, but making sure you and your children know what they need to do will lessen panic and increase safety.

Teaching your kids how to be prepared doesn’t have to be scary or boring, it can be fun and informational by playing these games! Disaster Master is an interactive comic book that allows your child to be a part of the story along with quizzing them on useful emergency facts. Search through a messy room to find the appropriate kit items in “Build a Kit.” These games are not only entertaining, they are also very informative for you children.



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