Volunteer Spotlight

There’s a saying “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” To us, it’s extraordinary how much heart some of our volunteers have. Regardless of their schedules or plans, they manage to put the needs of others before their own. We hope that they are aware of our gratitude and the gratitude of those they assist.  Here are a few stories of outstanding volunteers within our organization:

On July 9th Al and Elinor Johansen assisted three adults and four children who experienced a house fire in Hart County. Three days later, the dedicated couple responded to another house fire. Within four days, they helped eleven people deal with the loss of their homes. The East Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross is extremely grateful to have Al and Elinor on our team!

The next day three adults were affected when a tree fell through the roof and ceiling, severely damaging their Clarke County home. Thankfully East Georgia Chapter Red Cross volunteers, Michael Reilly and Bradley White, were there to assist with the situation. We are extremely proud of these volunteers; they always do an excellent job when responding to disasters.

When another Clarke County family experienced a house fire, Jim and Sandy Whitney, and Janice Brown responded immediately. Jim and Sandy have been busy this month; they were also featured in our last Volunteer Spotlight. For Janice, who was the recipient of our chapter’s Administrative Volunteer of the Year award, this was her first disaster response and her involvement was immensely appreciated. We are proud of our volunteers for all of the hard work they do!

The East Georgia Chapter of American Red Cross would like to extend a special thanks to Bob and Kathy Coker for their generous volunteer spirits when deployed to Oklahoma’s major disaster. The couple arrived in Norman, Oklahoma on June 27th and stayed a full two weeks, returning July 11th. They performed tasks such as assisting with client casework and working for the call center. They even sacrificed their Fourth of July holiday in order to serve. Again, the East Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross is proud of Bob and Kathy for being excellent volunteers, an example we all can follow. 


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