Volunteer Spotlight

Though the American Red Cross is an extensive organization, nothing thrills us more than the involvement of our local community. Within four days, there were three house fires in East Georgia, to all of which our volunteers responded. When we learn of the bravery of these volunteers in our community, we can’t help but feel the need to recognize them.

Even on a holiday, Red Cross Volunteers Jim and Sandy found time to assist a fire in Morgan County, Georgia. While most of us were celebrating the Fourth of July or avoiding the ugly weather, these two volunteers braved the storm and made themselves available to help. The three adults affected by the fire thank Jim and Sandy, and the East Georgia Chapter of American Red Cross appreciates their time and effort.

 In Walton County, a house fire affecting a family of five was assisted by East Georgia Red Cross volunteers Shani Snell and Paul Brown. Our chapter would like to thank these two individuals for their great volunteer spirits. Their actions have made a difference, and it is contributions like theirs that make our organization thrive and positively impact the lives of those affected by such a disaster.

 Thanks to Timm and Bj Brown and John Maynor for assisting a family of two who experienced a house fire in Franklin County. Recipients of the chapter’s Mauldin Award, Timm and Bj are a significant part of our DAT Team, and John Maynor has been an exemplary volunteer as well. The East Georgia Chapter of American Red Cross is very proud and thankful to have them on our team.



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