UGA Red Cross: A Year in Review

Where We’ve Been
In 2011, the National American Red Cross set a goal to invigorate campus clubs around the country for the purpose of succession planning, generating greater revenue streams, and mirroring the priorities of the American Red Cross.  The UGA Red Cross Club had been in existence for nearly eight years; however the focus and structure of the Club did not reflect the national Red Cross.  The elected officers determined in April of 2011 that critical and drastic change was needed within the Red Cross Club.

The first step towards radical change was to convene a one day retreat to hammer out the formation of a three year strategic plan. The officers of the club restructured their constitution and responsibilities and a new system for membership engagement was initiated and implemented. The primary goals for the first year were membership recruitment, development of four new committees, and the shared visionary goal that every club member would have an active and enticing role to perform; the club’s transformation was set in motion and the results have been spectacular.

At the end of the 2011 academic year the club had a dozen active members, was focused on only one branch of the Red Cross, and had generated $100 in revenue. By April 2012, the club had grown to 70 active students, had developed five branches of the Red Cross, and had generated $8,500 in revenue.  As we closed out December of 2012, the club has grown to over 120 active students, evolved into 6 branches of the Red Cross, and during the first semester alone the club has already generated $40,000

Where We Are

IMG954821As of April 2013, the blood services committee had a 28% increase in units taken this year.

IMG954815The fundraising committee also grew revenue from $8,500 to over $68,000 this year.

One other highlight is in regards to Michael Reilly our Disaster Services Committee Chair.  Michael is now a fully trained and certified DAT member.  He has begun responding to fire calls and is motivating committee members to become trained.  Additionally, Michael is the Philanthropy Chair for the AGR fraternity and he announced last night that the spring BBQ that his fraternity hosted last week to benefit the Red Cross raised  $6,972.

Where We Are Going
The UGA Red Cross has many ambitious goals for the upcoming year. The fundraising team is aiming to raise $150,000 for disaster relief and the blood services team hopes to receive a 20% increase in blood donations on campus. If you are interested in helping the UGA Red Cross meet these goals, please contact Jeff Taylor, East Georgia Red Cross executive director, at

UGA Student? Want to get involved? E-mail Sam, club president, at


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