Volunteer Spotlight: Geoff Grimes


By: Sammy Slappey

Geoff Grimes is a disaster services volunteer who came to the East Georgia Chapter in February of this year.  After receiving his undergraduate degree from UGA, Grimes joined the Athens-Clarke County police department, where he worked for six years. Grimes later receive his Masters Degree in Disaster Resilience Leadership Studies, which he has applied to his work with the Red Cross.

Grimes recently transferred from the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Red Cross, which operated mostly out of New Orleans. While serving in Baton Rouge, Grimes helped organize a Red Cross Disaster Action Team that helped alleviate disasters in and around New Orleans. Geoff has been involved in a wide variety of Red Cross response efforts and has travelled the country to help respond to disasters such as hurricane Isaac and hurricane Sandy. “I’ve travelled to New York and New Jersey more than I ever thought I would,” said Grimes.

Grimes is currently working on shelter projects with the Red Cross and is very motivated to help the Red Cross alleviate human suffering. “I always want to have a voice,” said Grimes, “I have seen people lose everything and desperately need help.”

In addition to helping the Red Cross, Grimes actively volunteers with the Peace Corps and will be leaving for Rwanda in June where he will be assisting communities with health relations for 27 months. 


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