Red Cross Volunteers Respond to Crawford Apartment Fire


By: Amanda Northcutt

When an early morning apartment fire broke out in Crawford, GA Wednesday morning, the East Georgia Red Cross was on the scene with volunteers. While the cause of the fire is unknown, four units were affected, forcing the evacuation of many residents due to smoke and water damages. Red Cross volunteers Frank Edwards, Ron Dixon, Harriet Dixon, Sandy Whitney, and Jim Whitney helped to assist three families, providing shelter, food, clothes, and comfort.

Perhaps the most notable volunteer was volunteer firefighter Michael Reilly (pictured above). A sophomore at the University of Georgia, Reilly is committed to the Northeast Georgia community and is considered by many to be a local hero. He is a trained volunteer firefighter for the city of Crawford, is training to become a Red Cross Disaster Action team member, serves as the head of the Disaster Service committee for the UGA Red Cross club, and leads the philanthropy efforts for his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. Reilly is a valuable asset to the East Georgia Red Cross relief efforts; the chapter could not be more proud to have such a young and active volunteer!


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