UGA Red Cross Club aims to teach 100 students CPR next week


When 17-year-old Reid Heiser of Monroe, Michigan, became certified in CPR, he never imagined his knowledge would be put to the test so quickly. Just one week after his certification, Heiser was at work when a co-worker, Jim Hammer, collapsed on the ground. Heiser sprang into action, performing CPR that eventually saved Hammer’s life. Today, both are alive and well and together share their story of the importance of CPR.

When the student leaders of the UGA Red Cross Club heard Reid’s story, they agreed that something needed to be done to equip the UGA student body with these lifesaving skills. Next Monday, March 25, the UGA Red Cross Club will be holding a special event aiming to certify over 100 students with no cost. Even more exciting, Reid Heiser will be joining the club via Skype, sharing his story first hand with the group.

The meeting promises to be a night to remember, with inspiring stories, fun giveaways, and lifesaving information.

Help the Club reach their goal of 100 students and join in the CPR excitement!

Watch Reid Heiser’s video below:


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