March Is Red Cross Month!

“This month, we honor men and women who deliver relief to communities around the world, and we renew the compassionate spirit that continues to keep our country strong and our people safe.”  -President Barack Obama


 In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the first Red Cross Month to recognize the fundraising efforts of the Red Cross during World War II.  Today, the supporters, volunteers and employees of the American Red Cross provide compassionate care in disaster relief, military services, blood donations, health & safety classes and international relief.

March is Red Cross Month and we want to recognize all the hard work of the American Red Cross and our volunteers.  We thank our volunteers for blood donations, CPR training and those who respond to a home fire in the middle of the night.  These individuals are our heroes of the Red Cross and have given us the ability to fulfill our mission.

As part of Awareness month, Red Cross has released a Tornado app to help be prepared and safe for when a tornado occurs.  Please visit for more information about the benefits of the Red Cross Tornado App.

        This March, join with the Red Cross and celebrate the everyday heroes in your community.


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