Mississippi Communities to Rebuild Red Cross Continues on the Scene

The American Red Cross estimates its disaster response and cleanup efforts relating to the tornado will cost up to $1 million and will require both community and government partners to address the ongoing need.


Since the devastating tornado and accompanying storms cut a path through Mississippi on February 10th, the Red Cross has provided help and comfort to people in need.  Working with partners such as the Salvation Army, the Southern Baptist Convention, the NAACP, local schools, churches and other human service organizations, the Red Cross ensured that residents in these Mississippi communities had the shelter, food, supplies and comfort they needed to get through the past week.  And while we continue to operate multiple response centers, we look ahead to recovery.


Partnering with government agencies such as FEMA, the Red Cross continues to provide the volunteers, logistics and supplies to serve the thousands of people still impacted.  Focusing on the distribution of supplies and providing health and mental health assessments, the Red Cross will ensure that those affected by the storms are healthy and able to rebound from this experience.  And every service the American Red Cross provides begins with a donation. You can help those affected by the February 10th tornado by making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief.



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