Hurricane Sandy 3 Month Mark

Three months after Superstorm Sandy, the American Red Cross is still hard at work providing food, emotional support and long-term assistance. More than 1,000 Red Cross workers are still on the ground. We are operating fixed feeding sites and providing mobile feeding in some areas of New York.
For example, on an average day, the Red Cross still has been distributing approximately 40,000 meals and snacks in New York. As part of this effort, we are supporting several community food banks in New York to help provide meals to people in the hardest hit areas. Trained Red Cross workers are helping people get assistance with home repairs, rent, utility deposits, and connecting them with social service programs.

Thanks to the public’s generous support, the Red Cross has provided food, shelter, relief supplies and comfort to tens of thousands of Sandy survivors. Our work so far includes:
-Serving more than 11 million meals and snacks.
-Handing out more than 6.9 million relief items, including cold weather items and clean-up supplies.
-Providing more than 109,000 health services and emotional support contacts for people who have been living in very tough conditions.
-Mobilizing a total of nearly 16,800 trained workers to help people affected by Sandy. About 90 percent of them are volunteers from all over the country.
-Overall, a range of groups provided more than 163,000 shelter stays for Sandy, and the Red Cross provided more than 81,000 of those stays.


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