Thank You to our Annual Corporate Sponsors


The American Red Cross continually strives to transform lives- an effort that is not possible without the contributions of others. For that reason, we offer our most sincere appreciation to all of our annual corporate sponsors and your gifts to the American Red Cross. Not everyone recognizes the importance of giving back to the community, but sponsors provide our mission with the ability to make a difference in every life affected by disaster.

Every donation of $500 restored one family displaced by a devastating fire. These families, families that could have been mine or yours, were able to look to the Red Cross for the hope they needed to move on. Your donations sheltered and fed them, and more importantly, comforted them at a time when it may have seemed easier just to give up. Every story is different, but their need for community support and understanding is shared. It’s difficult to describe in a letter or blog the necessity of these donations, because words cannot convey the extent of the devastation or the hope and gratitude in the heart of a family who has been consoled and bolstered by our services. We honor our sponsors collective compassion and integrity in the pursuit of changing and inspiring lives. We could not provide these disaster relief services without your ongoing help.”


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