Sandy Relief- Where Are We Now?


         As we reach the two month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the American Red Cross is continuing to provide food, relief supplies, and comfort to the thousands of people impacted by Sandy. Through partnering with government and other nonprofits, and especially with the help of our generous donors, the Red Cross is striving to bring assistance to all who were affected.

          The goal is to work one-on-one with victims, identifying their unmet needs and offering a helping hand to those who need it. Recovery can seem overwhelming to those who have been impacted by a disaster, and experienced Red Cross workers can help survivors get in touch with the people and programs vital to their individual recovery. The Red Cross, along with FEMA and other government partners, have prioritized the needs of the community to easily recognize and provide assistance to whoever needs it.


          Specifically, the Red Cross has targeted specific groups of people in need: people whose houses were destroyed and who are living in hotels, people in states that did not receive federal disaster money for Sandy, and people whose homes are destroyed and have not had their needs met through insurance, FEMA, or state resources.

          While the Red Cross does not have the scale of resources of the government, we are using the donations entrusted to us to the greatest extent possible to meet remaining needs and help ensure people don’t fall through the cracks. We estimate that this initial recovery program will cost about $60 million.

          To all who have donated- thank you. Your generosity has allowed the Red Cross to serve those in need when other institutions fail them.



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