Sandy Relief Operation- From all of us at the Red Cross, Thank You!


In response to the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy and the following Nor’easter, the American Red Cross is still on the ground providing food, shelter, supplies and comfort for people affected by Sandy. We continue to distribute relief supplies across all five New York boroughs (as well as Long Island) and New Jersey. 

With many people still need assistance in the aftermath of the storm, the Red Cross is doing everything possible to assist them during this difficult time. Check out these amazing statistics to better understand the success we have accomplished, and the work still left to do.

  • More than 14,400 Red Cross workers have been deployed from all 50 states to operations from North Carolina to Rhode Island, with the majority still in Greater New York and throughout New Jersey. About 90% of these workers are volunteers.
  • More than 300 emergency response vehicles (ERVs) have been activated, mobilized and sent to support our ongoing relief efforts- bringing meals, water, information and emotional support to many in the most heavily impacted areas.
  • More than 7.4 million meals and snacks have been served.
  • The Red Cross has distributed more than 5.2 million relief items such as hygiene kits, clean-up kits, rakes, work gloves and mops.
  • The Red Cross has made more than  86,800 health and mental health consultations.
 Your generous support allows the American Red Cross to act quickly for victims of disaster, whenever or wherever help is needed.  We sincerely thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do. 

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