Give Hope this Holiday Season

Every holiday season, we Americans embark on a mission to find the perfect gifts for those special people in our lives. We spend countless hours in the busy mall hoping to find the one thing that will warm our loved ones’ heart.  We buy, we return, we buy again, we wrap, and we all think to ourselves: isn’t there an easier way to do this? We want our gifts to be meaningful, but how can we do that without spending these crazy hours fighting the crowds and losing our sanity? The American Red Cross has a solution: The Holiday Giving Catalog. 


This year, instead of buying your loved ones another pair of fleece-lined socks, honor them by donating to the Red Cross in their name. The American Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog contains symbolic gifts that represent Red Cross programs and are examples of goods and services that are routinely provided.Donations made via the catalog are not sent to the donor, instead the money is raised to provide comfort care and hope to those in need.

Examples of items for purchase include military comfort kits (starting at $20), disaster shelter supplies (starting at $15) and vaccinations (starting at $25).

ImageDonors may also purchase a “where needed most” gift, which allows our volunteers to respond to crises wherever and whenever they are needed most. With each gift purchase, donors are able to send an e-card to their loved ones letting them know about the special contribution they made to the Red Cross.

This holiday season, give something that means something. By donating through the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog you will be giving the gift hope, help and compassion to those in need.

Written by Sammy Slappey


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