Red Cross Stories- Timm Brown


My name is Timm Brown and I am an American Red Cross volunteer. In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, I was deployed to Southern Mississippi along with another East Georgia Volunteer, MaryJane Webb. We were part of a 10 truck convoy fully loaded with supplies and worked in Mississippi for 10 days. Though exhausting, the experience was extremely rewarding. I’d like to share a story of the first day we arrived in Mississippi:

Our first assignment after arriving in Hattiesburg, Mississippi was to drive our loaded 30-foot box truck to areas that needed supplies. MaryJane had been in touch with a Facebook friend who lived in the area who told us that her house and many others in her neighborhood had been flooded. We drove straight there, but immediately saw that the entire street was severely flooded; the water was up to the top of the street signs. We pulled over and began talking to the people there who told us about another neighborhood past this one that was trapped in the flooding. We told them if they could bring those people to us, we could give them supplies. The neighborhood brought in two boats and a big wheel pick-up and began setting up a rescue operation. As word got out, people began arriving from all over for supplies. The boats made countless trips back and forth. The people were very gracious and orderly and stood patiently in the 95 degree sun while the two of us served them as fast as possible. A few even pitched in and helped with the work. There were still many people in line when our product ran out, but we promised them that, if possible, we would be back the next day with more. We were able to keep that promise and returned the next day with another truckload and spent that whole day distributing cleaning kits, trash bags, rakes, shovels, water, and more to the people who greatly needed it.

Image Image

One other side note:

We were told that a nearby alligator farm had been flooded and several gators had escaped. We never saw any of them but they said a few were in the area. Guess they knew better than to mess with a couple of tough East Georgia Red Cross volunteers on a mission!


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