Red Cross Stories- Father and Son


George Moore, 87, and his son, Joe, 57 have lived through their share of disasters. After Hurricane Isaac, they began rebuilding their lives and sifting through a lifetime of waterlogged belongings. However, the Moore’s aren’t letting Isaac get them down. George Moore offers support and encouragement to his neighbors as they also begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

“I have survived everything, hurricanes, typhoons and serving in the military during WWII. Red Cross was there for me in 1945 and they are here for me today,” he says with an indomitable spirit.

“We have never had water like this,” his son, Joe, said. “Not even during Katrina. I didn’t know what was happening. Water was coming from everywhere and it was so fast I thought it was coming from fire-hydrant. We had to be rescued by our neighbor by a boat when the water was chest deep.”

“This is hard,” the police officer says, tearing up as he looks at their water-soaked belongings.

The American Red Cross thanks the Moore’s and the many other victims of Hurricane Isaac for their bravery during this hard time. The Red Cross will do all it can to help rebuild these broken lives and to offer unending support.


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