Blood Drive at Memorial Hall

By: Ian Branam

Athens, Ga. — Students flooded Memorial Hall today to participate in a blood drive run by the UGA Red Cross Club. Over 300 people registered for appointment times, and numerous walk-ins signed up to donate blood during the drive.

Donors and club members alike offered glowing remarks about the aims of the Red Cross and explained the convictions that drove them to participate in the blood drive. For many blood donors, giving blood was a simple and effective way to give back to the community.  All of the donors interviewed gave an emphatic yes that they planned to give blood again in the future.

The supreme organization and hard work of the UGA club volunteers were largely responsible for the success of the blood drive.

Mackenzie Johnson, a freshman biology major and member of the UGA Red Cross Club, assists with the social networking of the UGA club. She hands out flyers and posts information about the club on Facebook to recruit volunteers and raise awareness of the club and its events.

“[The Red Cross] is for a good cause,” said Johnson. She went on to explain how everything that the Red Cross does is for the betterment of society and by simply joining the Red Cross or donating to them, you become a part of that process.

“You just saved three lives,” said Anna Martirosyan, a freshman on the blood services committee. She jauntily trumpets this message throughout the ballroom of Memorial Hall.

This is both Matirosyan and Johnson’s first semester as part of the UGA club, but both have already been a massive help by volunteering for the blood drive.

However, as always the work of our volunteers is not complete without caring donors. Jennifer Kennedy, a 19-year old pre-law student from Savanna, maintained a cheery demeanor while donating her lifesaving blood.

“I felt like I had to,” said Kennedy about why she decided to give blood. Club members broadcasted their message throughout the Tate Student Center Plaza across from Memorial Hall.

David Carney, a 21-year old senior biology major, sat casually reading a Dostoevsky novel while he gives blood. He has given blood about six or seven times so this has become routine for him.

“I had some down time,” Carney said in response to what drove his decision to give blood. Instead of playing videogames, Carney decided to spend his Wednesday afternoon giving blood. It’s that attitude that allows the Red Cross to further its goals.

“If it can save lives, why not?” said Devin Bouch, a sophomore accounting major. Bouch was a candidate for the double red cell donation, which is a complicated process whereby the donor gives twice the red blood cells and is replenished by plasma and platelets that are separated from the blood.

Bouch was quite positive in describing his experience and explained that since he was a candidate for the double red cell donation, he couldn’t see a reason not to do it. Bouch has given blood once before, but plans to continue to assist the Red Cross with future blood donations.


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