Red Cross Stories- Shawanda McGee


Though she cannot speak, Shawanda McGee knew her story had to be told. Sitting in the physical impairments Red Cross shelter in LaPlace, LA, Shawanda, with the aid of a signer, shared her story.

As Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana, Shawanda McGee and her three children were left alone in their flooded home. The debris was overwhelming and the smell of wet carpet and rotting food was unbearable. With no electricity or running water, Shawanda and her children waded through floodwaters in an attempt to find food.

It was on one of these food-searching excursions that Shawanda saw a bus that was taking people to a Red Cross Shelter. With their wet clothing packed in a plastic trash bag, Shawanda and her children rushed to board the bus.

At the Red Cross shelter, Shawanda was grateful to have a warm shower, fresh food, and a place to sleep. Her children were able to play with other children, temporarily taking their mind off the disaster at home. Shawanda’s daughter, Trevyna, even begged her mom to let her new best friend move her cot next to hers.

For Shawanda, the Red Cross was a safe haven and a light amongst the turmoil of Hurricane Isaac. As she told her story, she could not help but to repeatedly express her gratitude. In her darkest time, the Red Cross was there for Shawanda.

Will you help us shine a light in someone else’s darkness?


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