New Red Cross Hurricane App released

Just in time for hurricane season, the Red Cross has released a second app to help keep you safe when the weather turns sour.

The Hurricane App puts important information in the hands of those who live, attend school, or vacation in hurricane prone areas. The new App especially appeals to college students who are separated from their families during these natural disasters. Available on both iPhone and Android, dozens of people have already positively testified for using this app to help in real-life situations.

The Red Cross Hurricane App includes many features:

  • One touch “I’m safe” messaging that allows users to broadcast reassurance to family and friends via social media outlets that they are out of harm’s way, whether from severe weather, a midnight walk home from the library, or other activities
  • Toolkit with flashlight, strobe light and audible alarm
  • Location-based NOAA weather alerts for the United States and its territories users can share on social networks;
  • Remote monitoring of personalized weather alerts where family and friends reside
  • Preloaded content that gives users instant access to critical action steps, even without mobile connectivity;
  • Locations of open Red Cross shelters;
  • Simple steps and checklists people can use to create a family emergency plan;
  • Badges users can earn through interactive quizzes and share on social networks.

The American Red Cross is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring safety and preparedness to those at-risk this hurricane season. Thoroughly tested and reviewed by health and safety experts, the information and advice provided in this app is to be trusted. Whether you attend school, vacation, or call it home, stay safe in warmer climates this hurricane season.


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