American Red Cross responds to Aurora’s heartbreak


With the wildfires still raging across Colorado, the American Red Cross has been focusing its attention on the Centennial state for some time now- and this past Friday was no exception. While technically not a “natural” disaster, the horrific Aurora shooting is a disaster nonetheless, and the American Red Cross has dedicated themselves to serving those in need of a helping hand.

Immediately following the shooting, the Aurora Red Cross was asked to help. The Red Cross provided mental health support, food, water, and comfort at a local high school shelter for the displaced theater shooting victims. The Red Cross also opened a shelter for those evacuated from the apartment complexes surrounding the shooter’s booby-trapped residence. They provided food, drink, and physical and mental health counseling as the reality of the horrific events became known.

Volunteers were also on the scene providing food and water to first responders, as well as water for those attending a memorial service in Aurora.

It is impossible to plan and prepare for such a tragedy, but the American Red Cross is dedicated to doing all it can to alleviate the hurt and suffering of the family, friends, and blessed survivors of this heartbreak.


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