A new year dawns: a letter to our supporters


We are just a few days into the new fiscal year and I did not want another moment to pass before pausing to say thank you! Your hard work, tenacity and financial gifts allowed us to accomplish far more than this chapter ever has. Here are just a few of the highlights that YOU made possible with your time and talents:

  • 288 Disaster Cases fully covered by volunteers and donors.
  • 8,600 students trained and certified with lifesaving skills.
  • 1,300 emergency military messages delivered.
  • 21,000 volunteer hours logged by our Disaster Services Team.
  • A dynamic UGA Red Cross Club raised $8,000
  • 45 UGA Interns raised major dollars, taught Health and Safety and Disaster classes in our area schools, developed and submitted exceptional press releases and social media communique, and delivered outstanding services to all of our departments.
  • Disaster Action Team Members were deployed throughout the country to assist with major disasters all the while fulfilling the mission of the Red Cross right here at home.
  • And our office is staffed with 5 of the finest “Red Crossers” you could ever find.

Our eyes are now set on a new year dawning and our need for your support has never been greater. Our projected disaster relief costs are a good bit higher and our need to recruit, engage equip and empower a minimum of 50 new Disaster Action Team (DAT) members will add to our revenue target

Will you join us in this new dawn…this new fiscal year?

Recently I had the privilege of meeting with one of our disaster clients. Elizabeth (not her real name) and her family became clients after the Spring storms of April 2011 destroyed their home. Elizabeth’s family was sheltered, fed and comforted by the Red Cross and she can barely tell her Red Cross story without tears. Her story was not only emotionally moving, but as a result of the way she and her family were cared for by our volunteers, she is now joined the Red Cross team! This is what I love to see and to hear; your investment in hope has now become Elizabeth’s gift to the future of the Red Cross in East Georgia!

Elizabeth is writing the next chapter to our story and I am asking you to renew your commitment and gifts of time and treasures so that more stories can be written. And trust me, there will be many more stories in this New Year dawning. Come join us!

Thank you for making stories like this possible and successful.

-Jeff Taylor, Executive Director


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