Tropical Storm Debby threatens Florida & Georgia


Tentatively four days from landfall, Tropical Storm Debby is already raising red flags across Florida and parts of South Georgia. The American Red Cross is preparing to provide relief to anticipated flood and tornado victims.

Debby is a slow-moving storm, expected to dump over a foot of rain on parts of Florida and Georgia over the coming week. In some areas of Florida, up to 25 inches of rain is possible as the storm sits stationary along the Gulf of Mexico.

Many areas are already without power, with bridges and roads closed due to flooding. Residents in low-lying areas are under mandatory evacuations, and multiple areas of Florida and southeast Georgia are under the threat of tornados. The American Red Cross has already opened eight overnight shelters and is prepared to open more as needed.

The American Red Cross is advising that those in affected areas watch the national weather forecast, but to anticipate changes and discrepancies in the exact predictions. Expected landfall dates and projection paths are subject to change without warning.

The East Georgia Red Cross Chapter is fully prepared and ready to offer assistance by providing immediate shelter, food, and comfort to all affected by Debby. With the danger of floods and tornados, it is unlikely that Tropical Storm Debby will leave the southeast unscathed. Through the help of volunteers and contributors, the American Red Cross will do all it can to offer relief to those in need.

You can make a difference in Red Cross sheltering demands with your generous donation.

The American Red Cross is also continuing to provide assistance to those affected by the Western Wildfires. Read more here.


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