Wildfires continue to spread across the West


Over 350,000 acres have been destroyed in the western wildfires that are currently ravaging the West, with no end in sight. Spreading across Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming, the fire zone is currently threatening over 700 dwellings. Firefighters have managed to save most of them, with the current number of destroyed homes at 181. This number ranks the fire as the most destructive blaze in Colorado state history.

Hundreds of residents have been evacuated from their homes due to fire and smoke danger. The American Red Cross has set up shelters to offer relief and assistance to those in need, offering meals, supplies, and mental and physical health support.

About 1,750 firefighters and volunteers are working to contain the fire, but complete containment is not expected to be reached for many weeks. Officials say that full extinguishment of the fire is not likely until snowy weather returns this fall.

Dry temperatures and windy conditions predicted for the upcoming week promise little relief for the area. The American Red Cross is on site and ready to offer help and assistance in any way they can.


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