Aimee Copeland Blood Drive

The University of Georgia and The University of South Carolina teamed up with American Red Cross last Wednesday to hold a blood drive in support for Aimee Copeland, a UGA alumna currently battling a vicious flesh-eating bacterium. Copeland has lost a leg, foot, and both hands so far and has improved from a critical to a serious condition.

The two Universities held a competition last week to see which campus could get the most blood donated in honor of Aimee. For some, the story of Aimee’s condition prompted new donors to step up and show their support.  Veteran donors also came out, recognizing that this drive was different than usual.  Sallie Fitzpatrick, an experienced donor, explained: “Becoming a nurse made me realize the importance of giving blood, especially to support a cause like Aimee Copeland.”

After contributing, donors signed a giant poster for Copeland, filling it with encouraging words and uplifting messages. The poster will be delivered to Copeland after the drive.

300 units of blood have been used so far in the treatment of Copeland, meaning 300 people have all helped to save just one life. With the generous contributions of both UGA and USC students, Aimee Copeland will be prepared and encouraged to continue fighting for her health. American Red Cross employee Kenneth Rogers said it best-  “Great things can happen when people come together.”


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