Thank you to The University of Georgia’s Sigma Chi Fraternity

We were extremely thankful to have been the recipients of Sigma Chi’s philanthropy this year for Derby Days. Derby Days was hosted this past week and was filled with fun events and activities; all of the proceeds went towards The East Georgia Chapter of The American Red Cross. The Sigma Chi fraternity raised money, increased awareness about our chapter to UGA students, and hosted a blood drive.  Through their donations we will be able to provide shelter, food, and clothes for 16 families that were victims of natural disasters. This is exceptional and without the hard work of the charitable men of Sigma Chi, none of this could have happened.

Jeff Taylor, our Executive Director, wrote a letter of thanks to Sigma Chi’s National President and said, “I also want to convey that this Sigma Chi Chapter at UGA is one that your National Headquarters should be proud to have represent the ideals, leadership, and future of your fraternity.”

It was truly a privilege to work with these men who took time out of their schedules to plan events, raise money, and spread The Red Cross message to other Greek members and students.  Derby Days was a huge success and we are thrilled to have been a part of the initiatives from the Sigma Chi fraternity members.  Along with Sigma Chi, we would like to extend our thanks to all of the sorority chapters who generously donated and attended the Derby Days functions.  The support from The University of Georgia students has been exceptional and we are grateful.


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