Giving When it Doesn’t Hurt

Evan Grovenstein giving blood at the Students of the American Red Cross drive in Memorial Hall.

White lab coats, latex gloves, hospital style reclining chairs, needles. These things may look intimidating and, let’s be honest, painful, but they are nothing you should be afraid of. Things are not always as they seem, which is what freshman serial donor Ariel Patterson says, “It’s not that painful and you feel better after doing it because you’re helping someone.”

Recently, we had two blood drives located on the University of Georgia campus that were extremely successful and a lot of fun. We collected 144 units of blood, which translates into 432 lives saved, which is an exceptional accomplishment! We are very grateful for our Athens community that supports the East Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross.

There were a couple of nervous first time donors but luckily there were members of Students of the American Red Cross there to soothe their worries like, fifth-year Lily Deltcheva, the secretary for SARC. She’s helped coordinate blood drives at least eight times since she’s been in college because she really believes in the mission of the Red Cross, “I think it’s a really good embodiment of how we should strive to live our lives and try to help anyone who needs it.”

In addition to donating blood, some dedicated themselves to donating money. Colby Connell took on the Sigma Chi blood drive through one of his classes; he also coordinated with Jimmy Johns and got coupons to give to donors.  Along with his help with the blood drive, he worked with his fraternity and others to raise 200 dollars by asking for each member to donate a dollar. We could accomplish so much by using this method with other social organizations and within our community. Almost everyone has a dollar to spare and smaller donations always add up to larger ones.

Supporters like Colby are the reason why the East Georgia of the Red Cross is able to better serve victims of natural disasters. The brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity are very excited about Sigma Chi’s Derby Days and all of the upcoming events that they are hosting during the week of April  9-15.

Giving blood is such a rewarding experience with very little pain involved and ultimately helps others. So won’t you roll up your sleeves and help us save a life?


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