Volunteer Spotlight

When disaster strikes, Pat Good may be the first comforting face you encounter. As one of our invaluable volunteers, Pat has donated much of her time to further the mission of the Red Cross and has made an extraordinary difference in the community. Read her take on her time spent with the Red Cross:

“Here is my story, but it is not only my story.  It is a story about myself and my best friend, Jane Murtland. I started volunteering with the American Red Cross about five and a half years ago when Jane asked me to join. Jane and I have been friends for over 45 years and we do most of the Red Cross functions as a team.

Together, we do blood drives, respond to fires, DSHR (Disaster Service Human Resources) deployment, supervise different deployments, work parades, and volunteer at community activities. We can do any job they need us for; however, if I had to pick a favorite, Jane and I love going on DSHR deployments and meeting clients and other volunteers. We are a great team and have taken every class the Red Cross has offered. Last year, Jane won the Clara Barton award from our chapter because she had over 3000 volunteer hours in one year. I don’t have that many as I am also involved in our local Chamber of Commerce and the Telephone Pioneers of America.

Over the time I have spent volunteering, the mission of the Red Cross has come to personally be defined as being there for people when they need help, when they may need a hug, a kind word, a shoulder to cry on, or just being there for whatever they need. Volunteering with the Red Cross has impacted our lives in many ways; it has made us realize how very lucky we are that we have never been personally involved in a disaster or a fire. We can go home every night to a warm house and beds, many of the clients we meet are not that lucky. Some of them lose everything, things that cannot be simply replaced. We have made friends with other volunteers all over the country and have learned so much from other chapters and exchanged on how to do things and we still keep in touch with many of them today. We have met so many different clients in different states and remember them and often wonder how they are doing now. There are so many different stories I have from volunteering and you never forget any of them.

To anyone looking to volunteer with the American Red Cross, I would say that you always get back more than you give. Also, you must have a passion for what you do and give one hundred and ten percent as a volunteer. The work you do needs to make the American Red Cross proud.”


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