Miss Sorority Row

Our Executive Director, Jeff Taylor was lucky enough to be chosen by Delta Sigma Phi to serve as a judge during their annual Miss Sorority Row contest and this is what he had to say about it:

“I  think we need to hear more often of the great achievements of the UGA Greek system, so let this letter be one of a kind.  The American Red Cross of East Georgia is honored to be the National Philanthropy for the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, and privileged to be supported by the chapter at UGA.

This past Saturday night, the Delta Sig’s hosted the Miss Sorority Row contest, raising enough money to fully shelter, feed and comfort over seven families devastated by fire and natural disaster.  This alone is noteworthy, but the real praise is for the quality of men who represent the Delta Sigma Phi house.  They are rich in caliber, rich in humanitarian compassion, and rich in leadership depth.  I am thoroughly impressed with these men, and grateful for their commitment to “Building Better Students. Better Leaders. Better Citizens. Better Professionals. Better Men.”

The East Georgia Red Cross is honored to be connected to the UGA Chapter and we look forward to next year’s Miss Sorority Row.  By the way, the contest between the 15 contestants was phenomenal and our hat is off to McCall Stiles of Kappa Kappa Gamma for her victory as the newly crowned, Miss Sorority Row.

Jeff with winner McCall Stiles of Kappa Kappa Gamma


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