American Red Cross Percentage Night, Thursday February 23

Eat great food and Invest in Hope at the same time for families devastated by natural disaster.  The opportunity to participate in a great and worthy cause does not occur very often.  The American Red Cross is an organization that serves to help those who have been the victims of natural disasters.  Because we are not a federally funded non-profit, our existence depends on your donations and support.  There is a list of restaurants on February 23 from 5-9 that will be participating in a percentage night with us:

  • Smoothie at Omni
  • Smoothie King at 5 Points
  • Kelly’s Jamaican Jerk
  • Subway at 5 Points
  • Your Pie at 5 Points
  • Fox’s Pizza Den in Athens and Oconee
  • Stuffed Burger on Baxter

Mention the Red Cross when you order your food, they will take care of the rest!  If you are a restaurant owner and would like to join us on the 23rd, please contact Executive Director, Jeff Taylor, at 706-353-1645.  Please join us and show your support, we would be immensely grateful. 


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