Giving Back


Mike Copas, a donor who previously received assistance from our chapter during a house fire.

Imagine waking up to discover that part of your home is on fire. That is the situation Mike Copas found himself in six years ago. “I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was my arthritis that had woken me up, but I went to the bathroom and looked out the window and saw that my apartment was on fire,” he said. He ran outside and watched as the firefighters hosed down the building, as the Red Cross volunteers dispatched from the East Georgia Chapter arrived.

Although Mr. Copas wasn’t aware the fire department called the Red Cross, he was grateful for the assistance provided because “they put me up at the Howard Johnson… and since it was during a snowstorm they let me stay a few extra days.” With the help of a compassionate employer and a couple of friends, Mr. Copas was able to find a new home within a few days.

After this experience left him “know[ing] what it’s like to be homeless,” he decided to donate to our chapter with some of his leftover money from the holiday season this past year. “[The Red Cross] helped me out a few years back, so I wanted to pay it back a little.” Mr. Copas’ donation is a winning example of the generous, giving spirit that keeps the Red Cross running.


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