Fox’s Pizza Fundraiser

What an amazing Superbowl game last night! Millions of people across the country enjoyed excitement, laughter, and great food while tuning in to the big game. What better way to continue those wonderful emotions than  supporting a worthy cause and getting some excellent food in the process?

Fox’s Pizza Den is running a fundraiser this week, February 6- February 11 2012, to support the East GA Chapter of the American Red Cross. With the purchase of a large one-topping pizza for $10, your local Red Cross receives 30 percent or $3 of every purchase.  If you’re still bulging  from the Super Bowl festivities last night, have no worries! This fundraiser gives customers a certificate for the pizza they purchase, which can be redeemed starting Monday, February 13, 2012 and continuing anytime within the next 3 months for dine in, carryout, or delivery. You can visit their website at and look for the Red Cross logo in the upper left corner.

We are so grateful to be partnering with Fox’s Pizza and we look forward to your support!


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